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  • New Christmas 2021 Has Launched!

    New Christmas 2021 Launch

    We’re so excited to share our fantastic New Christmas Collection with you. It’s now available to preview and pre-order here on our website, at our extensive showrooms and via your Rep.

    To ensure you get your first picks from our collection, we ask that you pre-order as soon as possible to secure your selections from the 2021 collection. You don’t pay a penny to reserve your stock until we dispatch later in the year on a date that suits you.

    It will be strange this year not to be attending the main shows early in the year but to make up for it we’ve pulled out all the stops to transform our Showrooms in to a one stop shop for Christmas 2021.

    We really recommend a visit to our extensive Showrooms here in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham (conveniently located only 20mins away from the NEC). It’s the best way to see the entire collections in a safe and relaxed environment, allowing you to be inspired by our displays.

    Our Showrooms are open under strict COVID safety measures, find our more here.

    Your Angel is here to help
    Not sure where to start? Your dedicated on the road Angel rep is here to help you make the best selections.

    If we can assist you in any other way please get in touch, we’ll be happy to help:

    T: +44 (0)121 351 7457
    E: sales@heavensends.com

    We hope to see you soon.

    HS x

  • Make your Merchandising AMAZING with Jan Billings' Top Display Tips!

    Did you attend Jan’s Visual Design seminar and workshop at our Retail Festival held this summer? If you did, you no doubt went away feeling inspired and ready to create some brand new displays.

    For any of you who may have missed it, here’s seven simple, actionable steps from the expert to help you create amazing visual displays that will grab people’s attention and turn them into customers!

    IN STOCK NOW! We have a wide range of Display items to take your merchandising to the next level.

    1. Plan & Prepare!

    Failing to plan is planning to fail, as they say! Make your life easier by planning ahead and preparing all of the materials you will need in advance. Have you decided on a theme, colours etc.? It may help you to sketch out what you are planning for reference.

    Plan your display updates ahead of time, factoring in seasons & important occasions such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day, Easter etc. Pop them in your calendar so you & your customers don’t miss out!

    2. Change Your Displays Often

    Keep your displays fresh and engaging by rotating stock often. This will help keep people’s interest.

    These rustic trolleys are the perfect base for creating a versatile (and mobile!) display which can literally be carted around your retail space.


    3. Risers are a Must!

    What’s a riser you ask? Anything that can be used as a surface to elevate a product, such as a box, a crate etc. Risers give height and variation to displays and are essential elements in the creative process, lifting from one level to several… the result is a visually appealing product presentation without much effort!

    Crates & boxes make the perfect risers, especially if they come in a variety of heights like our RAM017 crates. They even have a chalkboard for some interesting typography or maybe you wish to highlight an offer?

    It’s amazing how you can transform some old boxes you may already have with a coat of paint, or cover them in wallpaper. They’ll be so appealing in their own right that your customers will want to buy them too!


    4. Pyramid, Grouping & Space

    This is the core theory of setting up an engaging display, so write this one down!

    Working in a pyramid shape is vital to creating an eye-catching & professional display. Start with the largest and tallest items at the back and then build up the display moving outwards and downwards.

    In this case, less is definitely more… leave room around the edges for the whole display to breathe. Reserve the main sections of the display for your star products and bestsellers.

    Keep it simple until you get the hang of this technique… our pyramid display units are the perfect place to start RAM020.


    5. Add Some Height

    Work on adding height to your display to attract attention & draw your customer’s eye down to the main focus point no matter where the display is situated.
    Our birdcage table top units will do the trick.


    6. Finishing Touches

    Put your own personal stamp on the display with the finishing touches. These are so easily forgotten but makes the difference between a standard display to a show-stopping one!

    Smaller decorative items really bring the look together- the devil is the in detail! Try faux flowers for that added splash of colour to compliment your larger pieces. No watering required!

    7. Regular Housekeeping

    You’ve put all this effort into creating a beautiful display- don’t let it get untidy! Tired and dusty displays will not help your sales. Follow this checklist to maintain your displays:

    • Check your lighting- do any bulbs need to be replaced? Are they dusty?
    • Is the display facing the traffic flow- things get picked up and turned, make sure they are put back facing where most of your foot traffic is coming from
    • Has anything fallen?
    • Are your windows dirty? Give them a good clean so they sparkle. Don’t forget dusty window sills and dead flies…
    • Has any of the product faded in the sun? Time to replace them to keep the display looking fresh.


    We hope you find these tips useful! If you missed Jan’s workshop this year at the Retail Festival, make sure you keep an eye out for our showroom events! We invite top industry experts to share their knowledge with our lovely customers.

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  • Life's a Beach

    One of our most popular Everyday ranges is Beach Home; its pale blues and weathered woods invoke fresh mornings by the coast- a mood which customers are keen to replicate in their homes. No longer just a trend, coastal home interiors have become a long-standing love affair with the British public that isn’t going anywhere…

    Our range features nautical finishing touches and more nostalgic, tongue-in-cheek décor that take us back to childhood holidays by the sea. So, inspire your customers this summer with statement furniture, shoreline décor and whimsical whales and mermaids. We’ve picked some of our beachy favourites for you below.

    Beach Home Collection Edit
    To view our full range of hundreds of fabulous Beach Home products, register today!

    PCE289 PIP007C
    Family Rules Beach Sign: PCE289 Beach House Frame: PIP007C
    MVV023 Mermaids this way LED sign
    Wooden Whale Hooks: MVV023 Mermaids LED Sign: SGM313
    XAC001 Blue whale wall shelf unit
    Beach Hut White Unit: XAC001 Blue Whale Shelf: HOM056

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