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  • Trending themes in the seasonal decoration industry

    The seasonal decor industry is an ever-evolving landscape, shaped by cultural shifts, technological advancements, and consumer preferences. As we move through the year, various seasonal themes emerge, setting the stage for retailers to captivate their customers through the seasons. Here's a look at some of the most exciting and influential trends in the seasonal decor industry for 2024.

    Bringing a touch of outdoors inside, this will help to enhance a sense of warmth and cosiness to your space, as well as fostering a connection to the natural world and promoting tranquillity and well-being.

    Some key elements to remember when approaching a natural themed look:

    Botanical Elements: These include the use of Greenery, floral arrangements, and nature-inspired motifs on fabrics and wall décor.
    Earthy Tones: Using Colours such as moss green, terracotta, and sandy beige create a calming, nature-inspired palette.
    Natural Textures: Woven baskets, wooden accents, and stoneware are a great starting point for products that will add natural styling to your collection.




    A trend where people prefer a more elegant and simple aesthetic, minimalist and modern seasonal decorations are a popular choice - Minimalist elegance is perfect for those who appreciate understated beauty and a clutter-free aesthetic.

    Some key tips to remember when creating a minimalist look:

    Neutral Palettes: Soft whites, greys, and earthy tones dominate, creating a serene and sophisticated atmosphere.
    Simple Lines and Forms: Clean, unadorned designs that emphasize form and function.
    High-Quality Materials: Emphasis on craftsmanship and high-quality materials like marble, wood, and linen.

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    Nostalgia plays a significant role in current decoration trends. Vintage and retro themes bring a sense of comfort and familiarity.

    This trend features:

    Retro Colours: Bold, saturated colours from the 70s and 80s, such as mustard yellow, avocado green, and burnt orange.
    Antique Finishes: Decor items with distressed finishes, patina, and retro patterns.
    Classic Holiday Icons: Vintage-style ornaments, tinsel, and traditional holiday figures like nutcrackers and Santa Claus in old-fashioned attire.

    FDT004A_3  MHH004C_1



    While minimalism has been popular for a while, maximalism is making a popular comeback.

    This trend is all about boldness and abundance:

    Layered Textures and Patterns: Mixing different textures and patterns to create a rich, eclectic look.
    Vibrant Colours: Using a broad colour palette to create visually striking displays.
    Abundant Decor: More is more – think of over-the-top holiday displays with multiple layers of ornaments, garlands, and lights.

    FDT022A_16 HOW030.JPG_1



    This trend blends elements from around the world to create a rich, diverse aesthetic - Global fusion appeals to those who love to travel and incorporate diverse beauty found around the world into their home decor.

    Follow these guides to create the perfect globally inclusive décor theme:

    Ethnic Patterns and Textiles: Use of traditional patterns from around the world
    Global Ornaments: Incorporating handcrafted items from across the globe.
    Fusion of Styles: Mixing modern furniture with traditional decor pieces to create a unique and eclectic look.



    The 2024 seasonal decor industry is rich with diverse and exciting trends, each reflecting broader societal shifts and consumer preferences, whether it’s the sleek lines of minimalist elegance, or the bold statements of maximalist extravaganza, there is a trend to suit every taste. Embracing these themes can help retailers and decorators create compelling and inspiring environments that resonate with today’s consumers.


  • How to Choose the Perfect Gift and Homeware For Your Business


    As most retailers will be well aware, choosing the perfect gift and homeware products for your retail business can be a challenging task. With an overwhelming amount of products on the market, it can be daunting trying to decide which products will best suit your target demographic and align with your brand. That’s where Heaven Sends can help! In this blog you will find some useful tips and information on how to ensure you can select products that will resonate with your customer base, and most importantly drive sales.


    Firstly, it is important to have grasped a detailed understanding of your business before making important decisions and investments on products. Asking questions such as, who are your customers? What are their interests, preferences and buying habits? Conducting market research is the first step to gaining valuable insights that will help you tailor your product selection to ensure you meet your customers’ needs and desires. We find that the customers who tend to have the most success with choosing a product range that drives the most sales, are the ones who have a clear and firm understanding of their target market.

    When choosing gift and homeware products for your retail business, it is important to make sure you don’t overlook emerging trends and seasonal preferences. With today’s modern-day technology, it has become significantly easier to research trends and get a general idea of what products are currently popular with various audience demographics, through platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram and Google. Word of mouth will also help you to gain insight into current trends, don’t be afraid to strike up conversations with existing and potential customers to figure out what is the current hype within home interiors and decorating! Products that remain relevant and timely will ensure you attract new customers but also aid in driving repeat business.
    Attend trade shows, read industry publications, and follow influencers and brands on social media to stay informed about emerging trends. Offering the latest products can attract trend-conscious customers and position your store as a go-to destination for fresh and exciting items.

    Another key factor to bear in mind when selecting products is to try and implement a balance between quality and affordability. Whilst some retailers may purposefully be aiming to be a high end, luxury and expensive brand, commonly it is more effective to offer a range of product prices for customers with varying affordability criteria. It is no secret that the current cost of living crisis will be having an impact on consumers, and disposable income may be a lot less available than in previous economic years. Therefore, we advise to try and keep prices competitive and accessible, whilst also offering products that are of high quality for ultimate customer satisfaction. Offering a range of products at various price points means you can appeal to a wider range of customers and ultimately maximize sales potential.

    Quality is a key consideration for gift and homeware products. Customers are more likely to purchase items that are well-made and durable. Conduct quality checks before launching products to consumers as this will also result in fewer complaints and returns in the long run, whilst also boosting your reputation as a leader in a competitive market, and increasing the likelihood of positive word-of-mouth.

    Gifts and homeware are often tied to specific seasons and special occasions. Stocking seasonal items such as Festive decorations, Spring & summer garden collections, AutumnHalloween decor, Valentines gifting and so on, can boost your sales during peak purchasing times throughout the year. Additionally, consider products for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

    As a leading gift, homeware and seasonal decoration supplier ourselves, we fully understand the importance to source a reliable and trusted supplier. We highly recommend considering factors such as product availability, shipping and delivery times and vendor reliability before committing to spending your money.

    Due to these factors, we understand the importance of product availability, we offer both a pre-order option for customers that want to purchase in advance and not have to hold on to stock for prolonged periods of time, and “in-stock” ranges for the customers that want last minute and quick turnarounds on their products. By finding a supplier that can cater for all scenarios, you eliminate potential stock issues, which cost you time & money.

    Finally, leverage customer feedback and sales analytics to refine your product selection. Pay attention to what items are selling well and which ones are not. Solicit feedback from your customers about what they like and what they would like to see in the future. This information can guide your purchasing decisions and help you better meet your customers’ needs.

    Remember, the goal is to create a memorable shopping experience that delights your customers and keeps them coming back for more. By selecting products that will resonate with your chosen target market, it will help you stand out and succeed in a competitive market.

  • Flowers By Claudine At Our 2024 Summer Showroom Event

    The 23rd June kicked off the start of our fabulous Summer Showroom Event for 2024, with a weeks worth of NEW Spring/Summer 2025 product launches exclusive to our showroom customers, stunning floral displays, delightful lunches & refreshing beverages and of course ... unlimited pick 'n' mix sweets!

    We had the pleasure of assisting two lovely ladies from a company called "Flowers By Claudine" on their journey through our showrooms, exploring all of our sensational new Spring/Summer collections. Their wonderful Angel rep Helen was on hand to show them around our lovely new products, as well as offering them valuable buying guidance tailored to their business.


    Our lovely customers had such a fantastic experience at our event:

    “Great hospitality, we loved seeing Helen. We came here to see Spring + Easter and were impressed with how nice and fresh it looked. We loved the displays and the added bonus of lunch that was provided to us.” - Flowers By Claudine

    It is the lovely feedback like this which makes all of the behind the scenes efforts of our Angels most definitely worthwhile!

    Love The Angels X




    We are thrilled to invite you to our special summer showroom event this June! Come and visit us for the day during Sunday 23rd June- Thursday 27th June 2024, for an exclusive opportunity to preview + pre-order 100s of fabulous NEW 2025 Spring + Summer products in our extensive showrooms.

    What to expect when you visit our showrooms:

    Exclusive Access To Our 2025 Product Collections:
    Explore hundreds of NEW for Spring & Summer 2025, and be one of the first to see our latest products and innovations! Get an exclusive sneak peek at what’s in store for the upcoming year, and get ahead of the competition by pre-ordering your stock early in time for Spring 2025 and beyond.

    Personalised 1-1 Expert Angel Advice:
    Our team of expert Angels will be on hand throughout the event to provide you with tailored advice, in depth product knowledge, and insights on purchasing and products suitable for your particular business needs. Our valuable Angel reps are here to help guide you on your journey to success, every step of the way.

    Lunch, Our Treat!
    Sit back, relax, and enjoy complimentary breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea - as well as drinks on us! We cater for any dietary requirements, so please specify your preferences when booking your visit. Fuel up for an exciting day of discovering new and unique products, as well as spending valuable time connecting with our expert Angels to gain insightful industry knowledge.

    Event Details:

    Date: Event runs from 23rd June- 27th June 2024

    Time: 9am-5pm, evening bookings available upon request

    Location: Heaven Sends, Unit 1, Maybrook Road, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, B76 1AL

    How to book:

    We’d love to see you there! If you are interested in attending our fabulous event, please book using the link below… alternatively, our amazing team of customer service Angels are on hand to handle any booking enquiries on 0121 351 7457.


  • The History and Evolution of Seasonal Decorations: From Ancient Traditions to Modern Trends

    Here at Heaven Sends, we love to discover the history of where the foundations of our business originally began.

    Seasonal decorations have been a part of human culture for centuries, dating back to ancient civilizations right through to modern times, and have always been a significant part of creating a positive atmosphere and celebrating the changing seasons.

    The use of evergreen began as the first trend of Christmas decorations, consisting of Christmas trees, mistletoe, wreaths and holly, a use of greenery that has continued to retain festive significance to this day.

    Did you know, wreaths can be traced back to ancient Egyptian times, where they were created from evergreen plants to symbolize the cycle of life… particularly during the winter solstice. interesting!

    Wreaths can also be dated back to ancient Rome where they were given as rewards for military success, and also celebrated the festival of saturnalia where we saw the introduction of elaborate decorations such as wreaths, garlands and candles.

    The tradition of decorating Christmas trees began in Germany in the 16th century. The first known Christmas tree up in England was documented in 1800 by “Good Queen Charlotte” in Windsor, which then grew in popularity amongst the upper classes and the trend of decorating a tree continued with candles and small ornaments. From 1840 the trend became a permanent fixture of Christmas tradition when Prince Albert began importing more trees from Germany for the festive period.

    Around the 19th century we saw the introduction of the popular glass bauble, after centuries of decorating Christmas tree’s with objects such as fruit shaped ornaments, we finally saw the evolution of hand blown and hand crafted glass baubles which still remain a beloved festive tradition.

    And we must say… they have evolved pretty nicely!

    The 20th century brought new innovations in seasonal decorations, with an introduction to electric lights, artificial trees, inflatable decorations and much more. This commercialization of occasions such as Christmas ,lead to a proliferation of seasonal decorations in stores and homes across the world.

    Of course, it is not just Christmas we have to thank for being a season of decorative joy, there are plenty more that have trended and became popular over the centuries!

    Easter decorations began to emerging all the way back to the 13th century where the decoration of eggs became a common ritual during Easter Celebrations, and by the 18th century people began creating eggs out of paper mâché, to which they then morphed in to  the infamous chocolate eggs when Cadburys decided to launch the first ever chocolate egg in 1875!

    They have evolved in to Eggcellent Easter displays!

    Whilst Halloween decorations date back to 2000 years originating during the Celtic festival of Samhain, Autumnal decorations are much more of a recent trend, with influencers and bloggers showcasing extravagant autumnal displays of wreaths, garlands, candles.

    Even gonks can be for autumn!

    Social media influencers have also set trends of DIY projects, seasonal crafts and budget-friendly decorating tips inspiring millions of people to normalise decorating for each and every season.

    Whether it's decking the halls for Christmas, decorating eggs for easter, carving pumpkins for Halloween, seasonal decorations allow us to connect with our past, celebrate our present and look forward to the future. The history and evolution of seasonal decorations remind us of the timeless traditions and universal symbols that bring us all together in joy and celebration all throughout the year, which is why we are proud to be able to offer such a variety of products that can bring so much joy and happiness all year round.

  • Revamp Your Office Space: Seasonal Decorations

    As a leading supplier of seasonal decorations, we want to help inspire you to create a happy and uplifting working environment. Incorporating seasonal decorations into your office spaces can prove to be a highly effective way to increase positivity and boost motivation within the workplace

    large-OFFICE-DECORATING-IMAGE-2Office spaces don’t need to be dull, and any space can easily be transformed in to a warm and inviting atmosphere simply by including decorative items such as garlands, wreaths, trees, atmospheric lighting and vibrant ornaments to bring cheer to your office space!
    Did you know, The SHRM reports that 55% of employees believe their workplace's design reflects how much their employer values them? So by decorating your workspace this can act as a catalyst for promoting employee satisfaction and an enjoyable working environment.

    Decorating your work place can additionally have a positive impact on your brand image, by creating a memorable impression for your customers + visitors, you can convey strong attention to detail as well as trust + commitment to your brand. Paying attention to aesthetics can leave a lasting impression on customers and strengthen the image they retain of your brand.

    Practical Tips When Decorating Office Space:

    • Choose colour schemes that complement the season, for example bright/vibrant colours for spring & summer, warm cosy tones for autumn, and traditional & festive colours for winter.
    • Try to select decorations that are easy to place, remove and store.
    • Opt for products that don’t need to be screwed in to fixtures to prevent damage such as nail holes, scratches etc.
    • Ensure decorations are placed safely and avoid potential hazards.
    • Choose décor that is relevant to your brand, i.e a finance company might opt for more commercial & toned down styling, whereas a tech based company might decide to use vibrant and abstract pieces.
    • Don’t forget lighting! String lights, lamps or decorative LED lights can be perfect for all seasons.
    • Involve employees in the decoration process to encourage creativity and team building.
    • Remember to keep it tasteful and professional, avoid cluttering your office space too much and keep a polished and professional look.

    Overall, it’s clear that  by incorporating seasonal decorations into office space has multiple benefits and worth the investment for not only yourself, but your customers + employees. Business’ that invest in seasonal decorations will create a much more enjoyable and productive working environment in comparison to the ones who remain with dull and dreary décor.

    Be inspired by the seasons  with our vibrant and vast collections of seasonal decorations and create some fun in your office space!


    Need to stock up on gorgeous work space décor? Browse all our seasonal offerings online across Christmas, Autumn, Easter, Spring, Halloween and Everyday.

  • Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

    In honour of mental health awareness week on 13th May-19th May, we want to take the opportunity to acknowledge the significance of mental health in the workplace, with this year’s focus being on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

    As a business that specialises in Seasonal Decorations and giftware, our Angels at Heaven Sends understand that as the seasons change, so can our moods.

    Seasonal Affective Disorder is a form of depression that typically occurs cyclically, mainly during the darker Autumn and Winter months. The absence of sunlight can interrupt our body clock cycle, and researchers have also proposed that a drop in serotonin may also contribution to the onset of SAD symptoms.

    Some of the typical symptoms a person may exhibit when suffering from SAD are:

    • Low mood
    • Fatigue
    • Loss of interest in daily activities
    • Irritability
    • Difficulty concentrating
    • Food cravings and weight gain

     So how do seasonal decorations come in to effect?
    Seasonal decorations like the ones we offer at Heaven Sends, such as seasonal lights, festive ornaments & colourful displays can contribute hugely to increased mood elevation by creating a visually stimulating environment and naturally lifting the mood of the people who are immersed by the plethora of happy and nostalgic seasonal displays.

    Seasonal decorations also offer an artificial alternative to natural light, which in turn, can help to counterbalance the negative effects of SAD that a lot of us can experience.
    Our showroom offers a very vibrant environment where you can enjoy a multitude of seasonal displays to suit every seasonal need. Our showroom provides a world of seasonal uplift, whether that be our bright and colourful Spring settings, to our nostalgic and joyful Christmas displays. Our Angels are proud to spread some cheer into the world with our eclectic range of uplifting home décor pieces.

    The power of seasonal decorations should not be underestimated, increasing light exposure, creating visually stimulating environments and harnessing a sense of coziness both in our homes and in the workplace can drastically improve our moods and brighten our spirits.

    In any environment, both professionally and personally, it is important to take some time out to recharge and reflect upon your successes, no matter how small they may seem. Remember to spend time doing things that you enjoy and most importantly bring happiness.

    The Angels x

  • Farm Retail Association Event "Stronger Together" 2024

    On the 6th March, Helen & Angela two of our lovely Angels had the privilege of attending the Farm Retail Association's "Stronger Together" Event in Peterborough.
    This event provides a powerful opportunity to connect like-minded independent business owners in the farming industry with seminars, site visits, the FRA awards and a trade show - all designed to add value to members.

    Farm shops represent an important diversification route for farmers - enabling them to grow their business sustainability through B2C trade, with many becoming "destination" sites for customers looking to support local independent businesses. By enhancing their offering across a wider range of product types, including gift & homeware (and in some cases - experiences like "pick your own" or on-site restaurants) Farm retailers can position themselves as a "day trip" destination for customers- offering a sustainable and high quality local alternative to mass-market retailers.

    We are thrilled we have had the opportunity to be part this unique and inspiring events, forging long-lasting relationships with some incredible knowledge on how our product range can enhance their retail across all seasons.

    We are so excited to be working with FRA for future events and collaboration opportunities, be sure to keep an eye out on our social media for information on future events we're attending.

    Don't forget - If you are attending the Farm & Deli Show 2024 at the NEC, our extensive showroom is just 20 minutes away and will be open by appointment for the duration of the event. It's a fantastic opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the show, see our huge range of new and bestselling collections for 2024 with a spot of lunch and expert advice from our team of Angels...

  • Important Dates & Upcoming Trade Shows

    Keep an eye out for our NEW 2025 Spring, Garden & Everyday Collections launching this summer!

    Visit our fabulous Showroom, only 20mins from NEC Birmingham.

    Find out more and book your visit here.

  • New Christmas 2024 Launch Event


    'Tis the month before Christmas here at Heaven Sends

    But there's plenty to do before this year ends!

    For you see, this December, we've got a present for you,

    Something fabulously new at our showrooms to preview!

    Between the 11th & 17th of December

    We're hosting an event you'll be sure to remember 

    There'll be mince pies, mulled wine and carols galore,

    And over a thousand new Christmas lines for 2024!

    So if you'd like to come along, just let us know,

    By getting in touch using the details below.'

    Please join us for the day at our Sutton Coldfield showrooms, for the launch of our fabulous NEW Christmas 2024 collection

    December 11th - 17th 2023

    We're excited to share with you our beautiful NEW Christmas 2024 collection. Join us at our showrooms between December 11th-17th. Celebrate in a fabulous Winter Wonderland style with the Heaven Sends Angels.

    From our stunning array of spectacular baubles, classic advent calendars, huge family of gonks & absolutely everything in-between, there's plenty to be excited about for Christmas 2024!

    Places at this event are limited so please book in & RSVP by the 10th December to:, by filling out the booking form on the showroom page, or simply get in touch with your Angel Rep.

    We can't wait to see you!

    The Angels x

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