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  • 5 ways to prepare for Black Friday!

    UK shoppers spend £810m on Black Friday*

    A lot of retailers have found taking part in Black Friday has increased their sales and bought new customers through the door! So what can retailers do to benefit from the perks of Black Friday?

    We have come up with 5 top tips to prepare for D-Day! (Deals day)

    1.) Start your marketing early!

    If you expect to make large sales on Black Friday, then you have to start marketing as soon as you can!
    Focus on posting information on social media to give a little preview of items on sale. If you’re worried you haven’t done enough marketing on the run up to Black Friday, (We can all be super busy!) start now and think about extending popular deals to the weekend to keep the excitement and customers coming in.

    2.) Choose the right products

    With Christmas just around the corner, the products you sell on Black Friday should be those you definitely have enough stock of and ones that you know will sell well at this time of year. Christmas decorations & fun gifts are great examples of things that go down well, check out our ‘50% off prepare for black Friday offers’ allowing you to pass on the savings.

    3.) Prepare for the rush

    We all heard last year’s horror stories of shops struggling to handle the Black Friday rush, so learn from the mistakes of others and prepare! Have enough staff available or if you’re online only, make sure your systems are checked and can cope with multiple sales.

    4.) Limit the items you sell

    It can be tempting to slash a lot of product lines for Black Friday, but what makes it so special is the fact you’re getting this one day only deal! So, limit the amount of items you sell and place them in different areas around the store so customers can still see the full range you sell.

    5.) Have a backup plan

    Save yourself that panic and keep a few back up items to sell when you’re low on stock or sold out. Having backups mean you reduce your chance of disappointment and can sell a range of great products!

    There may seem like a lot of prep to do for a one day sale, but taking part in Black Friday really can be a great way to boost Christmas sales.
    We certainly practise what we preach, so take advantage of our black Friday offers! Or give your angel a call on 0121 351 7457 who will be happy to help with your order.

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  • Our NEW 'Light-up Numbers' have just arrived!


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  • 50% off Halloween Sale!


    Make a head start on next years' wicked Halloween collection,

    with our 50% off Halloween Sale!


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