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  • Why the Queen’s Birthday is a celebration for retailers

    Her majesty, the Queen has just turned 90! And the only way to celebrate is with a big royal birthday bash. Any time a large occasion within the royal family comes around, people from all over the world watch in fascination, and the Queen’s street party will be no exception!

    The royal wedding bought in around £480 million to the U.K economy and the royal baby estimated at £57 million for just commemorative items*

    With positive stats like that, retailers should start to prepare for the rise in spending in the run up to the big celebration.

    Heaven Sends have come up with 3 top reasons why the Queen’s birthday is also a celebration for retailers!

    1.) On average, £1,620 million is spent on British souvenirs, gifts and household goods a year*
    Tourism is a large part of the UK economy, and with the fascination of the royals only increasing, British souvenirs, quirky household goods and royally fabulous gifts are even more popular. With this 90th birthday party being a national occasion, there are more opportunities to bring in buyers wherever your business is!

    2.) The Queen’s jubilee bought in over £18 million in 2012/13*
    After looking at the spending habits in the UK since the royal wedding in 2011 and the Queen’s Jubilee, it’s shown a big rise in profits for retail and the economy generally. It’s easy to go royally mad during exciting occasions like weddings, births and birthdays, so stocking stores for British bits and bobs is sure to entice the shoppers who can’t help but show their patriotic side!

    3.) To be part of the community!
    The royal advisors are keen to get as many people having their own street party, and drumming up excitement for the lavish event. With charities and sponsors city wide working together to make this birthday bash happen, round up some excitement in your local city, and see the profits rolling in!

    Top Tip: Have a ‘Best of British’ section in store with a variety of products, flags and even food to attract in customers to buy!

    There’s proven to be profit made from royal celebrations, and with commemorative items already out to buy, there’s no better time than now to show some patriotism and pick some products to highlight the best of British!

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