Create your own Traditional wreath display!

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Create your own Traditional wreath display!

We know that everyone loves the perfect Christmas wreath dressed and ready for the festive season. We’d love to share with you our secret failsafe 'wreath recipe' for creating your very own show-stopping Traditional Christmas wreath display, using beautiful pieces from our very own collections.

Whether using our large wreath, a Christmas tree, or simply in-store shelving, these items work wonderfully together when creating your own Christmas wow-factor display!

Get your creative hat on + be inspired by the image of our Traditional Wreath at the bottom, and read on for our tempting Traditional display recipe! 


  • 1 Wreath code PEC004.
  • 2 Light strings such as code DXX088C and DXX030B.
  • 1 festive centerpiece such as the Ho Ho Ho Christmas Train item code FAZ026. Our fun trapeze Gonk XAD320 or a couple of our regal Nutcrackers PEA232D would also work well, depending on the look you want.
  • 1 or 2 cheeky Christmas signs, we would suggest using a selection of NHH652, NHH648NHH653 or HO694.
  • A selection of festive felt friends such as items CODD420 or WLC336.
  • A sprinkling of small tinkling bells like ZFF120, RRR023C or ZFF118.
  • A selection of some larger bells to complement them, we love DJS016, MOF015 + FFZ112.
  • Plus you can pop in a little bit of anything else you fancy, from our fabulous Traditional collection!


  • Take your large wreath in its natural green state.
  • Apply lights fixing point to top, work lights into wreath ensuring the longer lengths are used to work down to the bottom - leave any ends of unused lights dangling as these can be worked in later. Two sets of lights were used on this particular wreath because the train shadowed the bottom, so another set was started at the bottom and worked upwards (this is optional). Feed some of the lights into the steam engine window.
  • Fix the train across the centre of the wreath, do this using cable ties through the track and around the main body of the wreath, ensure the train is fully secure.
  • Apply the robins or other festive friends using wire around their legs and onto thicker branches, cluster them all together below the train or statement item, + place a couple in & around your statement piece. Use a glue gun, regular UHU glue or even florists wire to fix them into place.
  • Hang the larger bells around and below the robins/festive friends, fix them to the wreath using the strings attached.
  • Place the festive signs in a train carriage, or attached to your statement piece and then also within the wreath itself – remember, don’t use too many signs as it will distract from the train/statement item.
  • Fill the whole of the wreath with the smaller festive bells using the strings attached.
  • Add any other festive frivolity from Traditional to really make it your own.
  • Hang up your wreath and enjoy all your hard work, you've earned a cuppa!

    Serving Suggestion:

    Serve with a glass of Christmas cheer and a lot of festive spirit!

    You can shop our full Traditional range here, bring your show-stopping wreath dreams to life the Heaven Sends way.