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  • National Gardening Week (10th-16th April 2017)

    The weather is finally on the turn and everyone is itching to get out into the garden once again! In celebration of the upcoming National Gardening Week, we’ve put together a great collection of Outdoor Living products for you, perfect to inspire your green-fingered customers.

    From whimsical waterfalls to more practical insect-repelling candles, there’s lots of choice for a successful Spring/Summer retail season. Don’t miss out on celebrating one of Britain’s favourite hobbies as UK consumers will be spending around £5 billion this year on products and plants for their gardens!1

    Feed the birds

    The British people love wildlife almost as much as they love their gardens! Did you know we as a nation spend £200 million a year on Wild Bird food?2 Give your customers (and the birds!) some great choices of bird feeders and accessories.

    HOS013 MVV038 HOM121

    Get out into the garden

    What could be more blissful than the relaxing sound of trickling water? Well, maybe a lovely bench to sit back and laze on. Here are some great garden features that will make your customer’s garden as stylish as it is enjoyable to spend time in.

    HOM104 FHB073 HOM123

    Gifts for Garden Lovers

    No matter the gardener, you’ll find the ideal gift. For the shed enthusiast, the al fresco diner or the flower bed potterer- there’s a shed load of choice in our Outdoor Living range.

    JED004E JED019A TAF047

    *Source: The Horticultural Trade Association
    2: Source: Wild Scotland

  • Spring Fair 2017!

    So that's it for another year... and Spring Fair 2017, as ever, was an absolute pleasure!

    It's always so lovely to see lots of old friends, happy returning customers and of course to meet new faces along the way. Though it's a tremendously busy time of the year, it’s you that keeps us going with your excited expectant energy and your joy at seeing all the new collections. (a coffee always helps of course... did you manage to visit the Angel Café?)

    Launching over 1000 new products and merchandising them beautifully was great fun as usual. So we hope you enjoyed discovering all the new goodies as much as we did. Just in case you missed us, here are some of the highlights of this year:

    We're dreaming of a...Pink Christmas!
    Our Fairytale line of Christmas products.Our Christmas collections are always a huge hit. From the red and white of Nordic-inspired novelties to the whiteout of Winter Wonderland, but you know us, we love to give things a twist, so we thought we’d give the rose-tinted Fairytale range the spotlight. And what a pretty successful bunch they make!
 It’s the colour of things to come…

    A flutter of florals
    Fleur floral furniture at Spring FairIf springtime is more your thing, you're sure to enjoy the floral fancies of the new Fleur range… Soft watercolour washes and intricate details abound in this uplifting collection. Featuring a charming mix of fresh florals & fanciful flamingos (all the rage don’t you know), these delightful pieces will have you feeling right at home.

    How time flies when you're having fun...
    Big red alarm clock product at Spring FairThere just aren't enough hours in the day for all the shopping that needs to be done!

So set a reminder with this alarmingly large statement timepiece… What fun!
    It was a jam-packed show from start to finish, but we wouldn't have it any other way. We hope that our fabulous collections, and ever-helpful angels helped to keep you going.

    You can see all of our photos from the event here.

    Of course, we want to hear all about how much you love your orders when they arrive, so keep in touch!

    Did you miss out on seeing us at this year's event? Why don't you book an appointment to pop into the HS showroom. (revamped with all the new products).

    We'd love to see you!


  • The Magical Spirit of Christmas Past

    We all remember in our own special way. From the sound of our favorite carols to the smell of the open fire, Christmas time is a treat for the senses. And for many, a welcome trip down memory lane. It’s a time of year where traditions triumph and reminiscent tales are gleefully told.

    We’re all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it!

    As consumers continue to revel in vintage styling and a retro edge, Christmas nostalgia has a unique emotional power. Remember opening those advent windows? Leaving out Rudolf’s carrot? And pushing your luck with your mum’s ‘don’t touch that’ decorations?

    We all agree, Christmas looks great – but there are plenty of little details that make it feel great too. Bring it all back with our nostalgic Christmas touches:

    Counting Down The Days
    Is there anything more exciting than waiting for Santa to come?!
    Capture the imagination of the DIY’ers out there with this charming wooden advent calendar with 24 fill-yourself drawers.

    TM084 EDIT
    Dish Out The Treats
    From chocolate coated with milk to shortbread style with wine. Everyone has their own version of the big man’s favourite snack.
    So everyone should have a special plate for them too, right?

    Making It Home In Time
    Making It Home In Time
    From ‘Christmas with the Kranks’ to the Chris Rea’s classic ‘Diving Home for Christmas’, this time of year is undoubtedly renowned for loving reunions.
    Help your customers remember that united-again feeling with this wonderful vintage style suitcase.

    That Precious Post
    In a time of e-cards and virtual treats, many will yearn for that traditional paper trail, straight from the postman.
    Bring back that classic Christmas card and get crafty with our packing room range.

    Even as the years roll by, there’s nothing quite like a classic Christmas.

    So while you’re making your list (and checking it twice) … give a thought to the magic of Christmas past.

    Shop our Christmas Collections >

  • Get creative with Packing Room

    The Angels are being creative and thought they’d share their ideas! Have some fun with our Packing Room products with a little helpful inspiration from the Angels who have come up with 3 simple ways for you and your customers to use this fabulous range.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 15.25.48
    1. Create your own beautiful cards for all occasions. Our Packing Room range will inspire you to be creative, and with a range of stickers and ribbons the design possibilities are endless! There’s no need to purchase your cards anymore, add your own touch of creative genius and personalise them just how you want!

    Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 15.25.56
    2. We all hate wrapping presents... Dull wrapping paper and flimsy paper tags, well we bring you exciting new products to help jazz up your gifts and easily make them look more creative and appealing... Wrapping presents couldn’t be any more fun!

    Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 15.26.04
    3. Repurpose and up-cycle your old belonging with our collection of tapes and strings. Add that quirky touch to your home and gifts with our fabulous range of products. Who’d have thought a bit of string around an old coffee jar would look so pretty?!

    There are endless possibilities for using our packing room products... Many more than the few suggested here, but if you’re still looking for some crafty inspiration, browse our collection here or take a peek at our Pinterest board here for all things packing room!

  • Winter Wonderland Checklist

  • Why the Queen’s Birthday is a celebration for retailers

    Her majesty, the Queen has just turned 90! And the only way to celebrate is with a big royal birthday bash. Any time a large occasion within the royal family comes around, people from all over the world watch in fascination, and the Queen’s street party will be no exception!

    The royal wedding bought in around £480 million to the U.K economy and the royal baby estimated at £57 million for just commemorative items*

    With positive stats like that, retailers should start to prepare for the rise in spending in the run up to the big celebration.

    Heaven Sends have come up with 3 top reasons why the Queen’s birthday is also a celebration for retailers!

    1.) On average, £1,620 million is spent on British souvenirs, gifts and household goods a year*
    Tourism is a large part of the UK economy, and with the fascination of the royals only increasing, British souvenirs, quirky household goods and royally fabulous gifts are even more popular. With this 90th birthday party being a national occasion, there are more opportunities to bring in buyers wherever your business is!

    2.) The Queen’s jubilee bought in over £18 million in 2012/13*
    After looking at the spending habits in the UK since the royal wedding in 2011 and the Queen’s Jubilee, it’s shown a big rise in profits for retail and the economy generally. It’s easy to go royally mad during exciting occasions like weddings, births and birthdays, so stocking stores for British bits and bobs is sure to entice the shoppers who can’t help but show their patriotic side!

    3.) To be part of the community!
    The royal advisors are keen to get as many people having their own street party, and drumming up excitement for the lavish event. With charities and sponsors city wide working together to make this birthday bash happen, round up some excitement in your local city, and see the profits rolling in!

    Top Tip: Have a ‘Best of British’ section in store with a variety of products, flags and even food to attract in customers to buy!

    There’s proven to be profit made from royal celebrations, and with commemorative items already out to buy, there’s no better time than now to show some patriotism and pick some products to highlight the best of British!

  • Fancy a Cuppa and Some Chocolate?

    Sent from Heaven (Sends), Our ‘Manly Angel’ Jeff Norman is on hand to take care of you in East Anglia. With his enormous passion and understanding of the gift industry, he is a fountain of knowledge, ready to help your business grow!

    Here are his 5 fabulous reasons to order with him!

    1.) I can drop by and visit you to guide you through your buying decisions, advise on bestsellers, and choosing the right products for your business.

    2.) If you love to natter about all things Home and Gift (and obviously a bit of football), then we’ll have lots in common!

    3.) Avoid the trade show rush and place an order at your own convenience!

    4.) As your dedicated Angel with extraordinary service skills and expert gift industry knowledge, I can advise on everything from due dates and back orders to the latest hot trends.

    5.) You put the kettle on and I’ll bring plenty of chocolate coins!

    If you fancy a chat about new stock arrivals and what fabulous products I can recommend, just give me a call or drop me an email to book an appointment...

    Contact number: 07496 310 597

  • How does your Garden grow?

    UK consumers spend around £5 billion a year on products and plants for their gardens* Now Spring has sprung, and we can see glimmers of summer to come, it’s the perfect time to have fun with foliage and neaten up the garden.

    Heaven Sends Outdoor Living range is much more than just gardening…with blooms, buckets and bits and bobs and even benches; your garden can reside inside and not just outside.

    The Heaven Sends handy guide is here to show you some products that are sure to get your shoppers excited about going green!

    FHB073FHB073- Love is Here Bench
    £106.38 (min 1)
    A bench is the perfect statement piece in any outdoor space, and this one is no exception. The ‘love is here’ metal and wooden bench has a touch of up-cycled charm adding quirky detailing to a living space or garden. Just imagine lounging on this bench, soaking up the sunshine? Bliss... if you like the thought, so will your customers! Available for future delivery.

    MBF204MBF204- Flea Market Crate Set
    £17.02 (min 2)
    This fabulous set of three antique style 'Flea Market' crate set comes in assorted sizes and are perfect for indoor or outdoor storage. Alternatively, pop in pre-potted plants as a modern quirky planter with a vintage classic design.

    byz172BYZ172- Garden Herb Markers
    £5.53 (min 4)
    If you don’t have the gift of green fingers, then these 9 helpful herb markers will make sure you never confuse your parsley with your rosemary again! These wooden markers come in their very own matching box...useful to store anything from seeds to string while your markers are in use!

    MBF313- Set of 2 Wooden Trugs MBF313
    £19.14 (min 2)
    These simply fabulous wooden trugs will be the perfect garden accessories! Your gardening clientele can pop plants, pots or garden greens in the basket or simply use it as a decoration inside or outside! Available for future delivery.

    GWW004AGWW004A- Owl Hanging Basket
    £4.67 (min 6)
    How adorable is this hanging owl basket!? Not only can it be used to pot plants, but this woodland animal is sure to attract shoppers that want to add some fun into their garden! Available for future delivery!

    HLD146BHLD146B- Metal Old Gardeners Sign
    £1.48 (min 12)
    Pun lovers will appreciate this humorous ‘old gardeners never die’ metal sign. A great gift idea for those with green fingers, or for garden enthusiasts to hang in the home as an amusing sign!

    As the sun begins to shine, stocking up on a choice of outdoor themed products will definitely attract customers regardless of if they’re garden proud or simply want some bits and bobs to decorate their outdoor space.

    Top Tip:
    Focus on the visual merchandising of your products and set up a ready-made garden area in store to help shoppers see all your garden goodies and entice them into buying multiple products!

    There’s a load to choose from at Heaven Sends…see our Outdoor Living range here!

    *Sourced: The Horticultural Trade Association

  • Happy Birthday Queeny!

    Today is the wonderful Queen Elizabeth’s 90TH birthday, and although her fabulous street party is not until June, there is still lots happening to mark the occasion!
    The Royal family generates close to £500 million every year in tourism revenue*, and sales from British souvenirs, gifts and household goods brings a huge boost to the economy.

    Stocking stores with British bits and bobs will be an investment not only for royal occasions, but throughout the year! Here at Heaven Sends we have the perfect patriotic pieces to fill up on!


    With events happening all over to celebrate the Queens 90th, there is set to be a rise in retail sales. So get your Heaven Sends products now at a discounted price in our Marketplace to make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to profit!

  • The 'Rock' Angel is back!

    It's our pleasure to tell you all that our 'Rock' Angel, Martin Morris, is back at Heaven Sends!

    After a short break away, he is back to share his wealth of Heaven Sends knowledge! Some of you may have met Martin at previous shows or spoke to him over the phone; now Martin will be on the road and can come to see you if you're based in Shropshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Merseryside & North Wales.

    Armed with his iPad, he can help you find best-selling products, stock availability, new product ranges and answer and any other questions you may have; in the comfort of your own city! Great right?

    If you’d like to book an appointment with Martin, you can contact him on the details below:

    Contact number: 07908 876 227
    Email Address:

    He is excited to meet his customers and help them all develop their business with the help of Heaven Sends!

    Martin morris

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